Mood Booster; Take Time to Smile Today

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Whether you’re in the middle of the best week of your life, or grinding out some of the toughest hours you’ve ever had, we are here for you. Take a minute to enjoy some of the sweet, funny, cool and happy things happening around the internet this week!

1. This guy made a Tesla Coil that can play 80’s music.

Music with a show! I think this coming Christmas I’ll put one of these on my roof instead of coordinating a bunch of dancing and singing Christmas lights.

Next, I want to see the Electric Slide.

2. This birb taking a shower.

Oh, to be a pretty teal bird rolling around in a bowl of water. There is so much love in this picture.

I wish it was this easy to give Maya a bath! She loves the water until the shampoo comes out.

3. Breaking News: Deer is now Dog.

Something is wrong. I can feel it.

4. This Orangutan who tried to save a man working in snake infested water.

Orangutan with hand Outstretched to Man in Water

You can read the story here. The man, was aware of the risk and turned our hero down. But hey, it’s the thought that counts.

5. Baby Elephant gets Splashy

Isn’t water just the best?

5. This Good Boi turned 10.

Dog posed in fromt of Ballons and Streamers. Wearing a Birthday hat and Neckerchief that says "10"

Gettin to be an old man! We hope he had a great birthday.

6. This Dad who scraped out enough money to get his daughter the birthday cake she didn’t think she’d have.

This was a heart warming story that came from Brazil last week. This family received lots of donations after this video went viral in the country and this sweet girl was able to have a beautiful princess themed birthday party.

Girl in a beautiful Yellow Dress with Mom and Dad dressed as modest King and Queen. Cake, flowers, and ballons behind them.

7. Meme for the Week

Close up of a real bee who looks as though he has been positioned with hand on chin as though thinking. Top Text Reads "All the Bees when I call my wife "Honey""
Made by yours truly.

Have a great week everyone!

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