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Happy Valentines day or Mardi Gras depending on whether or not you are in New Orleans right now!

Maya wants everyone to know that she’ll be your valentine if you’re OK with really wet kisses. Send her a Valentines card below and she’ll send one back!

    Here’s some of the best things happening around the internet this week. May it all bring a smile to your face and let you know that even though things are crazy, there’s still a reason to smile.

    1. This champ who got his wife Corn Dogs even though the weather was crazy.


    Now thats true love. Lets all stop watching The Bachelor on CBS and hone in on the reasons husbands like u/RetroGamerTom are willing to drive to the store in absolutely freezing temperatures because their wife wants some honey crunch corn dogs.

    I don’t care how many times Clare says Dale “showed up” for her, this is what love is right here.

    2. The most smol and fuzzy potato e’er

    So pure… and innocent. Please help me convince my wife we need another one.

    3. The hug lady

    This woman’s name is Elizabeth Laird and she has given out 500,000 hugs to the US armed forces in Texas.

    Every day she would greet soldiers at the airport as they came and went from their various responsibilities. It doesn’t matter what day, what time, Ms. Laird was there to see them off and welcome them home every day.

    That’s not even the whole story though. This woman is a real patriot! She enlisted to join the army on the day she turned 18. After she was released from duty she remained an active participant in supporting the military. Since 2003 she has been giving hugs to soldiers every. day.

    Recently, Ms. Laird passed away at the age of 83. But, to me her story is a testament that no matter how alone you may feel, there is someone out there who cares about you.

    They may not know your name or anything that’s going on in your life, but they care that you’re here and you’re doing your best! So hang in there!

    4. This sweet child giving away kisses to horses.

    I’ve only been around a few horses but they always make me a little bit nervous. This, however, soothes those feelings. Now I want a horse to give me a little smooch on the forehead too.

    5. This good boi keeping tabs on his chicks.

    A worthy chick magnet taking his responsibilities seriously. I wont comment on what Maya would do in a situation like this but I hope that she would be a good momma too.

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