Dogs Eat Free at Nicks Shaved Ice Paradise!!

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Everyone is created equal. However, there are some people that were made Differently Awesome.

Recently I came across a non-profit stationed in Lubbock, Texas that provides jobs for people with developmental disabilities. Finding a steady job when you have a developmental disability can be very difficult.

Nick’s Shaved Ice Paradise is part of an outreach program that provides jobs for people with Down syndrome, autism and other disabilities.

Every weekend, 6 differently awesome people check-in for work at Nick’s Shaved Ice Paradise.

30% of adults with Down syndrome are unemployed.

Department of Speech-Language Pathology/Audiology, Loyola University Maryland, Baltimore, MD, USA.
Teresa says her favorite job is being cashier because she likes talking to customers.

This is probably the friendliest Shaved-Ice stand that you’ll ever find. The employees here are positively ecstatic about coming to work every day.

The owner of Nick’s Shaved Ice, Bruce Bussell, says one young lady in particular, Victoria, will sometimes text him after her shift and ask when she can come back to work!

When was the last time you did that?

Bruce started this business for his son Nick who grew up with Down syndrome and autism. He says when Nick was 2 he realized that he was going to have a really hard time finding a job.

Being the 15/10 father that he is, Bruce saved up and in 2018 started “Nick’s Shaved Ice Paradise”. In 2019, Bruce retired and started working on Nick’s Shaved Ice full-time.

It’s a pretty small operation, but inside and outside there’s nothing but smiles.

All of Nick’s employees have some kind of developmental handicap. If you want to help Bruce and Nick provide more jobs for differently awesome people click one of the buttons below!

Bring Yo Dawgz

Maya gives Nick’s Shaved Ice 500 stars.

In a world where the number of places you can bring your dog are limited, Nick’s shaved Ice stands out as being one of the few eateries that you can bring your canine pals to. But, the fact that you can bringing your pup isn’t even the best part.

Nick’s makes free shaved ice for dogs.

I repeat. Nick‘s makes free shaved ice for dogs.

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You guys, I cannot express the utter elation that Maya had when these guys gave her a big ol’ pile of doggy shaved ice just for her.

Nick’s Shaved Ice Paradise gets ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ from us just for that.

Gripped by the Flavor

You’ll have to spend at least 30 minutes drooling over this menu before you’re ready to order. I mean just look at it! The possibilities are endless! I was stumped trying to pick out a flavor. So, after a few samples, I decided to go for as many as possible and I was not disappointed.

This beautiful baby is called The Rainbow

My wife made a much more tasteful decision and combined mango coconut and cream for the trifecta of taste. And yeah, if you’re wondering, I definitely stole more than a few bites of that.

If you’re coming for the shaved ice, you will leave thrilled. Period.

At Nick’s Shaved Ice Paradise, $3 will get you as many flavors as you want and a pile of shaved Ice so tall, it will make Bahama Bucks cry.

Oh, and adding cream is free by the way.

Great Ice With a Great Cause

A lot of us despise our jobs. Some of us tolerate them. Then there are the lucky few who genuinely enjoy coming to work every day.

These are those people.

Jackson making some sweet music on the Ice shaver while Tylor takes an order.

Without this outreach program, without your support, these friends would have a much harder time finding a job.

Maya and I are proud to support Nick’s Shaved Ice Paradise and the Differently Awesome team. We want to see Nick’s Shaved Ice grow into something huge! Bruce has expressed plans to expand and begin selling all kinds of food! You could be a part of it!

Here’s what you can do to help:

  • Visit Nick’s Shaved Ice Paradise In the Spring and Summer when they are open.
  • Donate to the Differently Awesome outreach, or buy some supplies for them!
  • Follow Nick’s Shaved Ice Paradise on Social Media!
  • Talk about developmental disorders with friends and family. Be supportive and open-minded about the problems differently awesome people face.
  • Share this article!
Bruce and his son Nick

Any bit of help goes a long way with these guys. This is a non-profit that really makes a difference.

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