Owned Media; Could it help your Business?

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Owned Media of Audible.com and Nick’s Shaved Ice Paradise

Owned Media has 3 elements; Content, Context and Community.

To give you some real-world examples we are going to review each of these forms of media in real companies. Audible.com is part of the large global e-commerce Amazon.com and Nick’s Shaved Ice Paradise, is a small local non-profit food truck native to Lubbock Texas.


The content of a companies owned website connects the company and its audiences. Whether they be customers, donors, consumers, or anything else. Certain company channels can deliver the content directly to these audiences through a website, a blog, a newsletter or any other private means. The content must be relevant and valuable to these audiences.


Used by audible to promote and explain key features, answer complex questions and provide support to audible users with how-to’s, recommendations, and walkthroughs.

Audible’s first line of defense for answering customer questions about their account, their membership and the various aspects of audible’s product’s.

Questions about the different membership plans available? Maybe you want more information on how billing works? Need to speak to a human? The Help Center is where Audible handle’s any and all inquiries.

Audible releases public information about their organization, or product lines in their newsroom. The press releases found here are relevant to anyone who wants to know the cutting edge trends of Audible.com

A great resource for anyone who is just getting to know Audible. The company profile explains all the ins and outs of the company as well as some of the popular features of Audible.

Nick’s Shaved Ice Paradise

Nick’s Shaved ice blog is an aggregate resource for everything from company news, to a promotional platform for events and services.

DifferentlyAwesome.org features more information about the company as an outreach program that can help people with learning disabilities find work. Here, you can learn about each of the employees and there different personalities at work.

Nick’s Shaved Ice Paradise is still a pretty small organization and frankly does not have a lot of owned content when compared to others.


The community aspect of owned media is the element that connects an audience to the organization and to each other. They can be chat rooms, comments, ratings and reviews and much more.


  • Ratings and Reviews

Audible’s primary community exists in the reviews and comments that are left about books and audible products on the website.

Users are able to leave their opinions about a product and rate each product with a one through five star rating system.

Viewers of audio products can then mark these reviews and ratings as helpful if they find them relevant. The most helpful reviews are moved to the top of the reviews list.

  • Blog comments

Audible also has a comment section of their blog which allows users to discuss new trends and topics that are being unveiled by audible via there blog posts.

All of these features help audible develop a sense of community and integration with its various publics. Audible fans can also interact directly with Audible via customer service help lines or through social media outlets like Instagram Facebook and Twitter.

Nick’s Shaved Ice

  • Social media and blog comments.

Nick’s Shaved Ice Paradise primary communities exist on social media. There are also opportunities to comment on blog posts but there are not too many of those.

  • Donations

Nick’s Shaved Ice also accepts donations and users who donate can make comments and see each others comments through PayPal.

There is also a way for you to purchase goods for Nick’s Shaved Ice to use through Amazon Smile. Both of these examples help build loyalty and community as users help invest in the mission of Nick’s Shaved Ice to provide jobs for people with learning disabilities.

  • On-site purchases

People who purchase Shaved Ice at Nick’s get a chance to interact with other people who also like to enjoy shaved ice. Best of all, they also get a chance to interact with the wonderful employees and get a sense of what Nick’s Shaved Ice does to help them.


The context of where and how people interact with a companies owned media can affect how interesting and engaging it is. Where are they? What are they doing when they interact with owned media?


Audible has a unique context component for its owned media.

Audible Theater is a feature that allows audible listeners to not only listen to people read stories but sets a place for voice actors to come and perform various stories that users can then listen to.

Not only that but audible theater has some visual elements to it as well. You can actually watch some of these people perform these readings as well as listen to them.

Nick’s Shaved Ice

Nick’s Shaved Ice offers free shaved Ice for dogs if you follow them on social media and then bring your dog to their shaved ice stand.

This is the closest thing I could find to context for owned media for Nick’s Shaved Ice. Customers with a dog have a context that Nick’s Shaved Ice will cater to. Although they don’t own the social media outlet, they do own the content that they post on it.

Social Media

Social media is not owned media. When you post on social media you don’t get to control whether that media stays there or what kind of context it is given to viewers.

If tomorrow, Twitter decided to close its doors, then everything that you had tweeted would be gone. Users have no access to the Twitter servers. Twitter allows you to post on their owned content. So, you have less freedom on social media. However, it can still be a very valuable way to interact with your target audiences.


Audible has the following social profiles:

Facebook is a platform audible uses to create dynamic shareable content. Links are easily shared and have better engagement on Facebook and Audible works to capitalize on that by developing content that promote events such as halloween and public issues such as Native American voices. Facebook users can click on links to find listicles that share audiobook recommendations to their viewers.

Instagram is popularly used by audible to share insights into company life. The most popular recent posts have been about audible’s customer support staff and how they are adjusting to work from home.

Twitter is a combination of Facebook and Instagram for Audible. Twitter is used to share listicles for recommended reading but also a place where they showcase life #insideaudible.

These uses are excellent examples of Digital PR because they help increase customer interaction and engagement with the company on a personal level. Audible is able to directly interact with their most loyal customers and produce marketable content to their key publics.

Nick’s Shaved Ice

Nick’s Shaved Ice has the following social profiles:

These accounts, specifically the Instagram and Facebook accounts directly affect Nick’s SEO. When people search for Nick’s Shaved Ice Paradise one of the first things to come up on the SERP is their Facebook Page.

Their instagram account is a great tool that they have the ability to use to help generate experiential content that shows what its like to purchase shaved ice from them as well as visit their truck!

Their Twitter account is very effective at building relationships. Their Twitter following is the largest KPI of all of their accounts. They have over 20,000 followers and have developed a far reaching account.

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