2020 Election

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Ty: *Grabs Keys*


Ty: Sorry, girl. Not this time. I’ve gotta go vote.

Maya: Vote? What is vote?

Ty: It’s kind of like picking your owner… kinda…

Maya: Wow. Must be nice.

Ty: Hey now. What’s that supposed to mean?

Maya: Nothing. So who will you do a vote on?

Ty: Well there’s a lot of people running… I–

Maya: Do any of them like dogs?? *Tail Wagging*

Ty: You know, I’m really not sure on that one actually.

Maya: *Tail stops wagging* Wut. This is important knowledgez, Ty.

Ty: I mean, I’m sure they would all say that they like dogs..

Maya: Well are any of them nice?

Ty: Honestly, I don’t think I’d want to be around most of them…

Maya: …does any of them give treats?

Ty: It’s sort of a give and take balance with them.

Maya: ………. belly rubs??

Ty: One has been known to smell and play with people’s hair? Does that count?

Maya: ……. no. Ty this is bad. You can’t vote for any of them!

Ty: Well, they may not be perfect but it’s my responsibility to pick who I think is best.

Maya: But they are all worst?

Ty: I didn’t say it was an easy choice. It takes a lot of research and self examination.

Maya: Oh I hate those.

Ty: Yeah me too, but it’s important.

Maya: You can vote for anyone?

Ty: Yep, just about.

Maya: I would vote for you. ❤️

Ty: Oh you’re so sweet. I love you too. ❤️

Maya: ❤️ soooooo….. can I come too?

Ty: *sigh*

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