Cranberry Dreams; How a Little Juice Changed One Man’s Life

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All across TikTok people of all ages and backgrounds have been featuring one common product in their posts these last few weeks. Ocean Spray cranberry juice.

It all started when this guy, Nathan Apodaca from Idaho Falls was having car trouble one morning on the way to work.

Did he let it get him down though? HECK. NO. Here’s what happened:

The vibe is strong with him.

The absolute most chill 26 seconds on the internet right now. Doggface208 as he is known on TikTok, went instantly viral in a matter of days.

The CEO of Ocean Spray, Tom Hayes even popped in!

Thats some good brand engagement for ya!

All over TikTok, remakes have been popping up.

Yep! That’s the real Mick from Fleetwood Mac at the end! Since Mr. Apodaca made the original video, Dreams by Fleetwood Mac has climbed back up into the top 25 most listened to songs in the US on Spotify. A whole 43 years after its release.

This one is my personal favorite. πŸ‘‡πŸ»

Maya and I had to join in as well of course.

Ocean Spray loved it and even got Mr. Apodaca a new truck filled with an unrealistic amount of cranberry juice. Don’t worry about being late to work again, Nathan!

This year has been rough for all of us, but people like Mr. Apodaca are keeping our hopes alive. Thanks for the good vibes Doggface!

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