Shedding Season

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Ty: Maya.

Maya: Wut.

Ty: There is dog hair inside the DVD player. This is becoming a problem.

Maya: Fur is no problem.


Maya: Be calm. Do a lay.

Ty: This morning there was dog hair on my toothbrush!

Maya: I see no problem.

Ty: How would you like it if I put my hair on your toothbrush?

Maya: My toothbrush is your finger covered in toothpaste.

Ty: It’s still annoying. Plus, I didn’t even know that it was there until after I finished brushing!

Maya: Is just hair. Be calm.

Ty: Do you know how much money we spend on lint rollers?

Maya: Wut is money? Can I have one?

Ty: That’s it. It’s time to brush you.

Maya: You can’t punish me just because it’s shedding season! I have insecurities!

Ty: It’s not a punishment. Most dogs like being brushed. And what insecurities?!

Maya: My hair. It is insecurely attached to me.

Ty: That’s not– Look. Just come here.

Maya: Noooooooo don’t wanna brush!

Ty: It’s a nice brush I spent hours picking one out that wouldn’t hurt you. It should feel nice!


Ty: Well, we gotta deal with this hair some how!

Maya: I can have a treat?

Ty: Sure you can have a treat.

Maya: And after, we go outside?

Ty: Ok. You can go outside after.

Maya: …..WE go outside.

Ty: Alright alright I’ll go outside with you.

Maya: Ok I will let you do the brush. Get the treats.

To all of you out there who are dealing with similar issues this shedding season;
stay strong.

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Ha the pain is real! I have a blue Heeler and three fat cats I vacuum most everyday and still can’t keep up with all the hair

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