Too Speedy; How I hurt My Foot by Being Impatient

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Remember back when Maya hurt her feet from running so hard? Well, I guess fate decided it was my turn. Reall cool, fates.

It’s not all bad though! 🙃 If you think that we are slowpokes, you are less wrong now than you were a few weeks ago. Maya and I are getting faster every time we run together. But, every journey has its setbacks I guess.

One Morning on a long run Maya and I went just a little bit too hard a little too fast.

This was our fastest 5k yet! I was so proud at the time.

This resulted in what I think was probably a small stress fracture in the arch of my foot. This isn’t serious but it will take a long time to heal and can be pretty painful if I walk on it too much.

It hurts.

At first, I was really upset and disappointed about this. I even tried to deny it! Here’s what that looked like:


That’s how far I made it before my foot hurt so bad that I had to stop, go home and explain to Maya that I just wasn’t going to be able to run with her for a while. She took the news in stride.

I honestly think she might be happy about the fact that she no longer needs to lug me around on our morning runs. Weird.

When life hurts your foot…

Setbacks are part of life. It can be really frustrating to see so much progress and then take so many steps backward but it happens.

We can’t give up when things get difficult or when it becomes hard to keep pressing forward. Thats why I decided to keep running with a hurt foot.

“The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.” 

― Molière

Just kidding! I stayed home and iced it for like 2 weeks. I ain’t trying to hurt myself even more than I have to!

Selfcare is an important part of accepting our circumstances. Overexertion just leads to more setbacks.

If we really want to be able to overcome the looming obstacles that we face, we have to know when it’s time to work and when it’s time to rest. Sometimes taking a break can feel like a chore! Especially if we are really passionate about something or if we are on a tight schedule.

take a step back.

There are so many motivational videos that make overcoming obstacles out to be this epic battle for the glory of mankind. But, getting better at something is not something that you can just muscle through.

We want to though. We want to be the one to drop-kick our problems to the curb and move forward with a voracious speed. We want to feel the burn and then push past it. However, thats not how it happens.

Popular media makes it look another way though. Take this scene from Rocky for example:

Rocky (8/10) Movie CLIP - Training Montage (1976) HD
You go Rocky Balboa!

Movie montages like this one leave out a very important element. Time. With hard work we can achieve anything. Right? That’s sort of true. But, it also takes a good bit of time.

Patience is a major part of getting what you want.

I learned that really well these last few weeks.


There’s no point in getting down on yourself because you’re not growing or getting what you want as fast as you want it.

Appreciate the journey! Life is full of ups and downs. If you take time to feel your setbacks, then you’ll appreciate your successes even more!

Acknowledge your limitations, smile, and do the best with what you have. If you do this, what you have will gradually start to grow and your limitations will diminish.

It takes time. Be patient with yourself and your setbacks. You can do it!

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