Back On the Road; Running with Maya the dog

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Finally Running Together 

If you follow me on Twitter, you already know that Maya had a foot injury last month that she has been recovering from.

Over the last few weeks, my wife and I have been keeping a close eye on Maya to help her heal so she can get back to doing what she loves; running.

Today was the first day that we were able to go running together! It was very exciting for both of us! (Probably more so for Maya.) Check out our video on our YouTube channel!

Maya and I Go On Our First Run Together

For those of you who don’t know much about Maya yet, she loves running. It is probably her most favorite thing to do in the whole world. She loves running so much that I usually let her pull me on my Longboard so that she can go as fast as her little heart desires. (Very fast.)

I decided to take things a little slower starting out because of her foot injury. I wanted to ensure that we don’t overdo it and reinjured her paws. 

So, while Maya has been recovering I have been working on getting faster so that I can run with her. She’s still faster (and probably always will be unless I start letting her eat those butter sticks in the fridge) but, I’m getting there.

This has not been easy for me. My legs are absolutely killing me these days. I hit the foam roller probably twice a day and stretch as often as I can. Running hurts. 

It’s worth it to be able to do Maya’s favorite activity with her though. And it’s probably not a bad idea for me either. I need to get more cardio in my life.

One of the benefits of running together now is that we’re not limited to roadways or paths. We can go anywhere now! This is especially good for her because it means we can use dirt paths that are easier on her tender paws.

What Happened to Maya’s Paws?

About a month ago Maya and I went on a run to a nearby park that had a lake. Maya really enjoys water, so, when we got there I let her paddle around in the water for a while.

After swimming around for maybe 20 minutes, her paws had gotten softer much like people’s hands get softer after they’ve been submerged in water. 

I didn’t think about this before we started our run home and that was my mistake. It definitely lead to some consequences.

Maya had big blisters on the central pads of her front paws. This absolutely broke my heart. I cannot tell you how bad I felt that her feet were in so much pain.

That night we sanitized them and cleaned up her paws. My wife and I talked to the vet and decided to soak them in some soapy water and apply Neosporin to them regularly.

She was gingerly walking around for about a week. Sometimes, she wouldn’t get up for extended hours because they hurt so much. I would carry her outside and around the house so that she could see what was going on with us while she healed.

She was impressively very calm and patient throughout the whole process and let me carry her around without struggling. (Maya likes her space.) Never once did she whine or cry out of pain.

After a few days and lots of Neosporin, she was getting well enough to walk on her own.

She quickly graduated to being able to run short distances in the backyard without having any issues at all. Two weeks later, she was back to her normal self.

I decided to wait a little longer before our first run just in case.Today was a small victory for us! We both look forward to doing longer runs together in the future and sharing our adventures with you

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